The "South Florida" System

The South Florida system is Analco, Inc.'s premier Porch Enclosure system. Fabricated in our shop - Analco, Inc. can deliver these panels ready for installation - saving both time and frustration for the end user. These Panels can be fabricated to widths over 13' - providing your customer with an unobstructed field of view. South Florida panels can also be fitted with a handrail and picket system for added security - and as an alternative to costly and less durable vinyl handrail options. "Super Screen" is our standard screen material on this system, as it provides the best balance between durability and optical clarity - however any of our available screen meshes may be used.


"South Florida" Sytem Available Colors
Dark Bronze

"South Florida" System Profile Overview
1" x 2" Frame
2" x 2" Handrail (Optional)
1" x 1" Pickets (Optional)
In/Out Swing Doors (Optional)

Pet Doors available

Alternative Options

While the "South Florida" system is our premier option for Porch Enclosures - we offer various other options. Any of our Window Screen or Patio Screen Door Profiles may be used to create your perfect Porch Enclosure.